Your preferred hotel in the world? It would be a shame to travel all the way to Ohrid and not experience the lake by boat. Lake Ohrid is one of Europe’s oldest and largest lakes – about 2-5 million years old with an area of about 138 square miles! The Dominican Cathedral It had a ….  Read More

Five Killer Indian Street Food Dishes at Bollywood Masala in South Miami


Your favorite traveling companion (when not alone)? The monastery’s design was dramatically altered in the 16th century by order of King Manuel I of Portugal. Manueline, or Victorian late gothic style, is an architectural design called after him. As king, he mimicked many exploratory voyages across the world (India, Brazil and Africa), and integrated the architectural fashions of ….  Read More

7th Street Public Market


How many countries have you been to? Welcome to the Cameron Highlands, better known as the backbone of Malaysia! It’s a mountain range that runs up the center of mainland Malaysia. People come here to experience the great outdoors and escape city life. Era-Susi Husky Farm On top of Montjuïc Hill is the fortress-like Castell ….  Read More

Things to See and Do in Nuremberg, Germany


What has the Salman Rushdie quote, “To understand just one life, you must swallow the world” meant to you? The second stop of the day is to the famous Beekeeping Museum and the Wine House Živanovi? (86b Mitropolita Stratimirovi?a Street, +381(0)21882849; +381(0)62521061) to sample delicious wines, organic honey and check out the onsite Beekeeping Museum. Of their many ….  Read More

Where to Stay in Špindler?v Mlýn???


4. UTAH Archaeological evidence has demonstrated that Cyprus has been inhabited since prehistory. The Neolithic (8200-3800 BC) and Chalcolithic people (3800-2400 BC) of Cyprus left behind remnants of their everyday lives, which include simple single-room huts, stone tools and pottery. The Bronze Age (1650-1050 BC) brought with it an emigration of mainland Greeks, organized societies and trade ….  Read More