Top 3 Places to Eat Japanese Street Food in Tokyo, Japan

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David’s Been Here brings you to all the best sites and cities of Switzerland. Here David is in north-central Switzerland in the city of Lucern, where he takes a walk through history along Europe’s oldest wooden bridge. The Chapel Bridge was built back in 1333 to span the Reuss River. Filled with 18th Century paintings depicting the history of the city, this landmark bridge is a wonderful piece of Swiss history and a great site to visit while traveling through Lucern. Find out everything there is to know about visiting the bridge and this beautiful city with the David’s Been Here Guide to Switzerland, now available for your Kindle.

What to See and Do

One place all visitors to Hyderabad should carve out some time to explore is Necklace Road, which is named after a road of the same name in Mumbai’s Marine Drive. The area is loaded with restaurants, recreational facilities, and plazas, and there are several parks nearby as well.

Best Things to Do in Australia

The Great Mosque does not resemble a normal mosque with domes and minarets. Instead, its design is more Chinese. Decorative arches gardens, pavilions, and tiles are a few of its architectural details. Entry to the Great Mosque is ¥25.


Bonus: Visit the Naschmarkt

They have Two menus: Journey Using the Chefs, The Journey, and the Lazy Way.I chose to proceed with The Journey with wine pairing.


1) Oslo

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding this offer and for any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing back from you regarding this project.

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The strawberries grow year-round in Malaysia, and for a fee, you can pick your own strawberries at some of the farms in the region, including the Big Red Strawberry Farm. If you’re a lover of berries, this is something you cannot miss while you’re in the Cameron Highlands.

What I Like About the Jekyll and Hide Zulu Laptop Folder

If you love winter sports, then Switzerland is an ideal vacation destination. Spend the days skiing in the Alps amongst the beautiful mountains, and spend your evenings relaxing by a fire with a drink in your hand, snacking on some amazing Swiss chocolates. When not skiing, take the time to tour the little towns and scenic parks that dot the landscape.

Enjoy the City of Arts

Hiking is a popular pastime here, and there are several routes to choose from. I was told that the meadows are covered in wild flowers and aromatic herbs, providing plenty of wonderful smells along the marked paths. You can also self-drive to reach the viewpoints like we did.

Behind the Scenes of Harry Potter: London Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Recs: pan-seared shrimp, grilled squid, fish of the day

Have a Drink at Atmosphere Bar

First stop is Coyo Taco to try Carnitas de Pato, which is a duck confit taco. People say it’s one of the best tacos in Miami. They also suggested we try the grouper.

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The waterfalls are so worth the trek it takes to get there. Wei Sawdong Waterfalls consists of three levels with pools and three drop-offs. I don’t think there is a word that can properly describe how mesmerizing these falls are. They empty into a beautiful pool. If you visit during the dry season like I did, you can stand on the rocks by the edge of the pool to get the best view of the falls yet!

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