What to See and Do in Melaka, Malaysia

How Am I Supposed To Get There?

3. Who could benefit from having a DROBO Mini?


Favorite airport in the world?

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Mehana Chiflika, Ruse

Chandni Chowk is arguably among the oldest and most busy wholesale markets in Old Delhi, India. The region is filled with significant buildings such as Haveli mansions buildings, shops , restaurants, and road food eateries.

Baptism Site of Jesus Christ

With unobstructed access to the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese islands boast incredible, bountiful catches. For centuries fishing has been a way of life here, and still is the primary source of income for numerous Maltese people. The sea and its gifts have largely influenced Maltese culture. Some of the local delicacies include prawns, mussels, octopus, cuttlefish, squid and tuna just to name a few. With a squeeze of lemon, you’re ready to dive in.


3. Shop and Save at the Outlets

Though the first references to the Pune area date back as far as the year 758 A.D., the city’s history is largely tied to the rise of the Maratha Empire during the 17th and 18th centuries. During that time, Pune became India’s political center, and in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the British considered the city the center of opposition against their rule.

Villages En Route to EBC

Most bags carry an identification card on them that is attached by the airline staff. These can at times break off, so I advise you to include your contact details and ownership information inside your luggage bag. Somewhere at the top where it’s easily accessible.


David’s Been Here is in La Fortuna, Costa Rica in search of the area’s best meals and restaurants. Here David enjoys a meal at Los Nenes Restaurant, a local eatery that supposedly serves up the best steaks in all of La Fortuna. Join David as he gives the steak and Ceviche a try to see if they live up to their fame. From the delicious sauce to the spice, David gives it two thumbs up. Head to this La Fortuna favorite yourself to try the area’s best steak. Production by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse


Very best Day with the Family: Xel-Ha

Aptly nicknamed”town of monkeys,” Lopburi is a historically important city situated about 3 hours north of Bangkok. It is among the oldest inhabited cities in Thailand, having served as the second capital of the Ayutthaya Kingdom during the sixth century A.D. Before that Lopburi was among those westernmost cities of the Angkor Empire, currently known as Cambodia.  WATCH Exploring the Monkey Temple of Lopburi


Why Should You Outsource Software Development

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Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek

Info: Platia Mousiou, Rhodes Old Town

Long Neck Hill Tribe Cabinets

Okay, so now you have everything booked – hotel, rental car, flights, tours, etc. What you should do next is ditch the post-it notes and insert all of your confirmation and reservation numbers into one of our favorite travel apps, TripIt. It is ideal for any stage of the travel planning process. If you have not yet started booking anything, TripIt can automatically scan your e-mails to retrieve booking numbers and confirmation codes, which it then uses to build your itinerary. What you get is an organized travel plan that you can access from your mobile device.

Nightmares Fear Factory

David’s Been Here is in Costa Rica’s old capital of Cartago, where David tours all the main sites and top attractions of the area. Here David and crew present a video to the ruins of the Santiago Apostle church, or the ruins of the Parroquia. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1910, the remains of this beautiful structure still stand today as one of the historic capital’s top attractions.

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