3 Day Trips from Coimbra

5. Alcantara Bridge

One of the greatest places to enjoy lunch is Food Republic. Once you just have the elevator back down Situated at the exit, you will be greeted by a massive food court with at least 20 unique eateries about it. You will find a lot of options, so have a look on to find out what you’d like.


Dine at the Three Sixty Restaurant

If you have the cash to spare and like lavish, gourmet dining, have breakfast at the Phénix Eatery and Bar inside this magnificent hotel. It is among the greatest things to see and eat because of this in Shanghai. You’ll be glad you did!

Take a Beer Tour in Prague

My friend Danielle – though we’re sort of more frenemies than friends. We are really different and have epic fallouts every few days, but we also have the best adventures together.


Wineries You Must Visit in the Povardarie Wine Region

At the intersection of Rúa Conde Pallares and Rúa Doutor Castro is another interesting bit of history left behind by the Romans. The Batitales Mosaics House is an underground exhibit of an ancient Roman domus (a large single-story house belonging to a wealthy member of Roman society). Here visitors will see the uncovered remains of Domus Oceani. A short audiovisual display is played and then visitors are allowed to take a take a short walk around the ruins and mosaics depicting ocean life.


Your favorite travel quote?

7. Guest speaker: Being a guest speaker is another great way to get paid for your knowledge of the industry. Besides getting paid, you travel and network with other people in the industry. There you have all the ways I have managed to make money on YouTube.


4. Baiona

David’s Been Here brings you all the best sites, activities and eats around Switzerland. Here David is in the city of Bern in western Switzerland, where he tries the famous La Goia Restaurant. Open since 1950, this Italian style restaurant serves up some delicious traditional dishes, though they are famous for both their pastas and pizzas. Sticking to their name, eating at this fantastic restaurant will certainly bring you joy… and a full stomach. For more information on La Goia and all the eats in Bern, check out the David’s Been Here Guide to Bern, Switzerland, now available for your kindle as well.


This is heralded as the king of beers. It costs about 25% more than Pilsener and is also served everywhere. Drinking Suprema is a luxury for many working class El Salvadorians, so there is definitely a prestige associated with ordering it. As I have learned from my friends here- girls dig guys who drink Suprema.

The Monasteries of Portugal

Whitewashed buildings in Oia overlooking the caldera

Spoil Your Taste Buds at CÉ LA VI

Unfortunately, many probiotics don’t survive the stomach’s environment. So, that begs the question: is there any product available on the market today that you can trust to keep its probiotics alive as they travel through your digestive system? Yes, such a product does exist. It’s called Digestive Advantage.

Eat Vienna Schnitzel at Figlmuller

The island of Comino is a designated nature reserve and no cars are allowed on the island; it can only be reached by passenger ferry. Several local companies shuttle tourists back and forth. Each has its own stand in and around Mgarr Harbor, but prices among them can be inconsistent, so be sure to book with one you feel comfortable with. Finally, arrange a pick-up time prior to paying for the round trip.

SaunaTour Experience

Airport transportation: Taxi transfers from the airport to the city center have a flat rate of €35 (5 a.m. to midnight) and $50 (midnight to 5 a.m.). If you want to save money and avoid taking a taxi from the airport into the city, you have three options: Express Bus costs (€5), metro (€8), and suburban rail (€8). If you can manage with your luggage, we recommend taking the metro. A trip from the airport to Syntagma Square station takes about 28 minutes.

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