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El Asador de Roa (Ourense)

David’s Been Here is bringing you all of Bulgaria’s the top sites and must visit attractions. If you’re driving from Ruse to Veliko Tarnovo or are just looking for a unique day trip during your stay, a visit to the ancient Roman city of Nikopolis ad Istrum is an absolute must. Built in the second century AD, this Roman city has some amazing ruins still standing today that give a glimpse into its existence as the ‘City of Victory’. Soak in the ancient columns, Odeon and agora as you walk through the forum, or imagine the traffic that once passed along its Cardo Maximus leading to other key cities of the empire. A both picturesque and historic stop during your travels, find Nikopolis ad Istrum and all the country’s best attractions in the David’s Been Here Guide to Bulgaria, coming soon for your Kindle.


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In 40 AD, Volubilis became a municipium of the Roman African region of Mauretania Tingita. When the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, also known as Caracalla, ruled the empire, in about 168 AD, the city received its fortifications.

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Also, as mentioned before, batteries are not allowed to be stored in your checked baggage. This includes Lithium-ion batteries. And this is true of all airlines. Of course, you can still bring them in your hand luggage and carry on. You will also need to remove your batteries from your vaporizer for the duration of the flight just so there’s no chance of it going on. If you can’t remove the batteries just remove the atomizer.

6. White Water Rafting

You should pack your luggage keeping your destination in mind. Browse through the internet to know more about the overall climate of the place. More importantly, check for how the weather would be when you land there and pack your clothes accordingly.


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There is perhaps no better example to illustrate this this combination of old and new than Skopje’s Stone Bridge, which links the new side of the city to the old Ottoman quarter. Crossing from a neighborhood of modern office buildings and condos to the Old Bazaar is like traveling back in time.

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You may have already tried Ouzo, Greece’s most popular alcoholic beverage. Ouzo has a strong licorice smell and is made from pressed grapes. A similar drink, Tsipouro, is popular throughout Thessaly. It’s made from the remains of the grapes that have already been pressed (seeds, skins, etc). Tsipouro is also called “Raki” in countries like Macedonia and Turkey. In Meteora, sipping Tsipouro is an age-old tradition dating back to the beginning of monastic life. Glasses of Tsipouro are usually accompanied by small bites, or meze.


Photograph the Schaibling Tower

There is not any better way to learn than remaining here. From the moment you arrive, you are given a conventional uniform to put on throughout your stay. The monks will help you through each of the principles and rituals of the temple and that there are kind and friendly.

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During his September visit to Povardarie David was fortunate enough to be there during the annual grape harvest. Winemaking has been a part of Macedonian culture for more than 2,000 years! A visit to Povardarie will give you the opportunity to taste several Macedonian varieties, as well as international wines.


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