Top Reasons To Visit Galicia, Spain

Walk across the Chain Bridge

Majete Wildlife Reserve- Mkulumadzi Lodge



Royal Jordanian Airlines           1(800) 223 0470


Boom! Burgers N’ Steaks, Sofia

Greeks are known for their strong cultural identity, and nowhere else is their history more proudly displayed than in the museums of Athens. There is a museum for almost every facet of Greek culture you can think of; folk art, music, jewelry, modern art, theater, and more! You name it, there’s probably a museum that has it.

Tongole Safari Lodge

Most climbers stay in the Massouri area, the origin of many popular climbing routes. If you don’t have any experience, but would like to try climbing for the first time, we strongly suggest getting a certified instructor to teach you. We recommend Simon Montmory ( If you plan to extend your stay in Kalymnos for more than a day, we also recommend catching a ten-minute ferry to the nearby islet of Telendos. With only a handful of permanent residents, Telendos is known for its amazing vistas, pristine beaches, and delicious seafood tavernas. We recommend To Kapsouli Restaurant for its family-friendly vibe and to-die-for homemade dishes.

Catch a Concert at Symphony Hall

Don’t make the tragic mistake of thinking it’s all fun and games at the Cartoon Museum; they capture historical moments as well. One past exhibit outlined the use of cartooning in political propaganda, specifically in regards to Hitler and World War Two.


Where to Stay in Jackson

Have an thali in Khorika — The Ethnic Restaurant, if you ever end up at Tezpur. It’s among the very best things! The food there is from this world and the restaurant itself is clean and has a friendly and helpful staff. In other words, it is excellent for traveling foodies!

Loire Valley Castles

Another area of Shinjuku is an area that’s dotted with restaurants, Kabukicho, bars, clubs, and parlors where a game called Pachinko could be played with.


Introduction to Greek Cuisine

Another, way more exciting tour of Uluru is on camel back, which also requires you to wake up before dawn. For an hour you’ll get up close and personal with the sandy terrain as you sway on the back of your camel. You’ll learn about how the camel became instrumental in the development of Australia’s railway, and why there are thousands of wild camels still roaming the deserts of the Northern Territory. Do not forget your camera, the photos are likely to be phenomenal. Uluru Camel Tours provides sunrise and sunset tours, which include hotel transfers.

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