Tour Latin America: Santa Ana, El Salvador

Bell and Drum Towers

As you already know, Maine is known for its world-class seafood, which I gladly indulged in during my trip. I know that too much of any one thing is bad for you but YOLO, right? Here are some spots for you seafood lovers…



Limassol’s new port is the largest port in Cyprus, accommodating exports of fruits, wines, vehicles and other shipments. Between the old and new ports lies the new Limassol Marina, a €350 million project aimed at revitalizing the area with luxury waterside apartments and space for yachts of all sizes. This millionaire’s playground also includes 6,000 square meters of commercial and retail space.


Mbuluzi Wildlife Reserve

This observation deck, located on the roof of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, is a part of a larger group of monitoring facilities on peak of the tower. Included in Tokyo City View is a museum-quality space with stunning, the indoor Sky Gallery windows that hosts events and exhibitions.


Arraiolos is known that the city’s natives have mastered, which is just one passed down by the Moors. It incorporates a distinguishing wool cross-stitch technique and colors that are vivid. The rugs sold in Arraiolos make for excellent home décor due to their distinctive style, which has been in the region since the 17th century.

Attend a Mozart and Straus Concert

During my second day in Agra we headed out to see everything beyond the Taj Mahal. From the Baby Taj to Agra Fort, there is so much more to see in Agra!

Day Trips from Lisbon

This aquarium is only a cab ride in Lisbon. It is a destination with more than one million visitors per year! Even the Oceanario has one colossal tank in its centre. In addition, it houses numerous tanks that have sea animals including instruction fish, barracudas, sharks and stingrays. Make certain to go through the design and incredible animals at this Lisbon destination. This is a terrific spot to bring the kids or the kid.

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