Things to See and Do in Canakkale, Turkey

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It had a texture that is tender and had a great sweetness to it. The beef was super fluffy and tender in a rich sauce. In addition, I recommend chicken kidneys and the potatoes if you adore organ meat just as much as I really do!

What are five things you could never travel without?

In August of 2013 I had the privilege of spending 10 incredible days in the Kingdom of Swaziland exploring its pristine national parks and unique culture. I was able to take several wildlife photos of Swaziland – a country rich in flora and fauna. Swaziland is home to the Big Five: lion, leopard, buffalo, rhinoceros, and elephant. Of all the animals, the big cats are hardest to spot since they are typically shy and sleep during the day to avoid the heat.

What are five things you could never travel without?

The Cartoon Museum

Here are 5 important attractions to see while traveling from New York City to Washington D.C.:

2) The Lofoten Islands

All you have to do to discover the medieval stories of Prague is to jump on board a train or a bus, or rent a car and drive to these top 5 castles that await in the vicinity of Czech Republic’s capital. If you also choose to book a room at one of the boutique Prague hotels, the medieval ambiance will offer a romantic setting for your stay. Here are the 5 best castles to visit outside of Prague:

Restaurant Motto, Sofia

Wat Rong Khun, and also even the”White Temple,” is a visually striking, intricate Buddhist temple located a 20-minute drive south of Chiang Rai. Constructed and conceptualized by Thai artist, Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat, the White Temple has become a highlight on many Thailand itineraries.


During my visit in Lucknow, India I decided to do my first ever fan meet up. My Indian fan base is incredible! During my trip I wish I could have done this at least once in each city but time constraints didn’t allow me to.

7. Get the right gear for you

The macaques are! Dangling in the poles, crossing the road, scaling the temple walls, and constantly watching out for scraps of food.  The monkeys have been fed regularly. The monkeys have additional space to bully and perform tourists from their snacks. You can’t make anything that you wouldn’t need a monkey. I would not recommend this, although locals will attempt to offer you juice and food to feed to the monkeys. Pandemonium will ensue, if you have food, and these monkeys aren’t scared grab food right from your hand or to leap on people’s shoulders. The very ideal thing to do would be come an honor the monkeys… in a distance. WATCH Exploring the Monkey Temple of Lopburi

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