Five Killer Indian Street Food Dishes at Bollywood Masala in South Miami

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The monastery’s design was dramatically altered in the 16th century by order of King Manuel I of Portugal. Manueline, or Victorian late gothic style, is an architectural design called after him. As king, he mimicked many exploratory voyages across the world (India, Brazil and Africa), and integrated the architectural fashions of conquered territories into hundreds of churches around Portugal.

Staria Chinar, Varna

You can check KTX bullet train schedules on the KTX website up to one month in advance. Tickets can also be purchased up to a month in advance there. I personally recommend booking your KTX bullet train tickets 4-5 days in advance if you’re planning on traveling on weekends. And even though the trains are fast, I suggest booking your tickets for as early in the day as possible, especially if you have limited time. That way, you’ll to spend more time at your destination.

Old Fort Niagara

Bio: Nathan and Sofia may travel with a limited budget, but they playfully showcase the different things they see, taste and experience around the world. From hotel reviews to honest thoughts on local food, the pair’s fervor for new experiences is infectious. Their blog posts are focused, which makes their information applicable and unique. Their unpretentious, laid-back style is ideal for couples and amateur travelers who may not know where to start. As We Travel is also an excellent resource for ski aficionados- Nathan and Sofia are avid skiers who can impart a wealth of information on the subject.

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I can not wait to keep generating more content. It’s truly been a fun exploring more of this city, to now, Doral, South Beach, and Wynwood Brickell, by the Everglades. There is still a lot to cover!

Name your top 3 destinations you

What I Like About the Jekyll and Hide Zulu Laptop Folder

Check out 10 Indian Street Food Dishes You Must Eat in Jaipur, India

What I Like About the Jekyll and Hide Zulu Laptop Folder

What is the best way to explore Cappadocia?

David’s Been Here brings us to the heart of Kandy city located in central Sri Lanka. From Arthur Seat, the highest point and best lookout over the city, to the bustling main road, David displays all the natural and manmade beauty this vibrant city has to offer. If you find yourself traveling through the city during July/August, don’t miss the Esala Perahera, or Festival of the Tooth, for a complete immersion in the city’s culture and religion. Watch as David captures the beginning preparations of this festival in the streets, or check out the next episode where he visits the Temple of the Tooth itself. For everything you need to know about where to go and when to visit this city, check out the DBH Guide: Kandy, also available for your Kindle.

2. Merida’s Roman Bridge

However, what identifies this restaurant is offering the original rendition of schnitzel. While here, you can expect to get simply the perfect Schnitzel after 100 years of making. It is like Schnitzel made in heaven and coupled with the juicy beautifully made potato salad and balsamic vinegar salad, it’s absolutely perfect.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Chichicastenango, or “Chichi,” is a quaint, charming town whose occasional modern constructions are offset by traditional adobe houses and cobblestone streets. It is easily accessed via one of the economical chicken buses from Atitlán’s main station.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

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David’s Been Here presents Dublin’s most exclusive restaurant: Chapter One. Rich in history and heritage, tour this beautiful Georgian home that once was a frequent of John Jameson. Check out the private dining room where wines and whiskeys were once stored, or experience Jameson’s personal cigar and whiskey room (another private dining option). Enjoy an amazing meal at this award-winning restaurant, have a drink at the bar and soak in the remarkable atmosphere at this top notch Dublin establishment. For more information on visiting Chapter One, check out the restaurant section in the David’s Been Here Guide to Ireland.

Your favorite travel quote?

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