Things to See and Do in Nuremberg, Germany

What has the Salman Rushdie quote, “To understand just one life, you must swallow the world” meant to you?

The second stop of the day is to the famous Beekeeping Museum and the Wine House Živanovi? (86b Mitropolita Stratimirovi?a Street, +381(0)21882849; +381(0)62521061) to sample delicious wines, organic honey and check out the onsite Beekeeping Museum. Of their many wines, the red Probus, white Tamjanika, and red Bermet varieties are David’s top picks.

Keep the important relationship only

To best appreciate Sydney’s historic district, I highly recommend the free Rocks Walking Tour offered every day at 6PM. Tours start in front of Cadman’s Cottage in Circular Quay.

General advice when visiting

Other attractions at Garden by the Bay include a massive flower dome, the cloud forest, and three waterfront gardens: the Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central.

Korona Restaurant, Balchik

Those searching for more veg dishes in Mumbai are in luck, since the city’s street food stalls and restaurants provide a enormous variety of tasty, vegetable-based culinary inventions, such as Thalipeeth, that can be a savory, multi-grain pancake that is made from grains like wheat, rice, jowar, along with bajra; legumes such as chana and urad; berry, fresh coriander, as well as other veggies; and spices such as coriander seed and cumin seed.


Sri Lanka’s true discovery Begins in Kandy, States.She explains how this isn’t just among the most beautiful areas in the nation but also a UNESCO Heritage Site with history.


Try Kebabs at Bademiya

One of the largest cities on Spain’s Costa del Sol, Malaga has grown into a place popular with tourists thanks to its golden sandy beaches and selection of resorts. It offers more than just a sunshine vacation however, as it’s a vast city with plenty of culture, sights to be seen and memorable things to do, meaning Malaga has something for everyone, you’ll need to find somewhere for car hire in Malaga and get exploring the city.  All that said, if you are staying in the city centre, most things are in easy reach on foot and the bus system is very reliable. Getting from Malaga airport via taxi transfer is the most direct route to most central hotels as may need two buses otherwise.

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Visit with the Quarters

David’s Been Here is in Gda?sk, Poland, trying out all the best restaurants the city has to offer. Here David and crew head to Cico Restaurant, the perfect local spot to have a delicious meal, refreshing beer, and a fun time with friends. With some of the city’s best tasting dishes served in a cool, modern atmosphere, Cico truly is the best place to Come in and Chill Out. Experience this favorite local restaurant and bar for yourself when you visit Gda?sk, with the David’s Been Here Guide to Poland, now available for your Kindle as well.

Mongolian-Influenced Yurt Camping in Utah

In this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts, we have a conversation with Francesca Murray of One Girl: One World, a California native with a serious passion for travel! We chat with her about what first inspired her to explore the world, how her experiences working in PR have helped her in her travels, her favorite airports and restaurants around the globe, and much more. Check out her favorite destinations and her advice for people who want to travel!

Mongolian-Influenced Yurt Camping in Utah

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